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Why Use Direct Mail Marketing?

Posted by Summer Gould on Mon, Sep 18, 2017 @ 07:00 AM

San Diego Direct Mail

Marketers everywhere are faced with too many marketing channel choices. It’s hard to know which ones will work best. When choosing your channels don’t ignore direct mail. You may think its old school, so why use it, but direct mail can really add to your ROI. You can use direct mail to drive online engagement too. Add QR codes, PURL’s, and Augmented Reality to link your marketing channels together. Let’s take a look at the direct mail channel.

Why choose direct mail as one of your marketing channels:

  1. Recipients: They view direct mail as less intrusive than other forms of marketing and in return, are more receptive to the message. Even millennials enjoy getting mail. As long as you are sending them offers that are correctly targeted.
  2. Competition: There is less competition in the mail boxes these days so you can stand out. People are inundated with messages all day long from email and so much more. You can build brand recognition with direct mail as well as get noticed.
  3. Tangible: With a direct mail piece you can grab the senses in so many more ways than with online channels. People can touch, save for later or even pass the information provided in a direct mail piece to their friends. Use the senses to your advantage by adding texture and scents to your direct mail. Create a powerful experience.
  4. Target: Unlike all other channels, you can target your audience very specifically with direct mail. There are so many selects to choose from it would be hard to list them all. Make a list of all the specific things you are looking for in your prospects and in many cases you can match them with a direct mail list.
  5. Personalized: Direct mail is more refined now. The personalization available creates a much more appealing direct offer. You can use images as well as text to create each piece targeted to each person.

As with any marketing channel, knowing who your target audience is, is the key to better results. You cannot create a targeted direct mail campaign if you do not have a good grasp on who you are sending to. Your messaging, your list and your creative are all effected by who you are trying to reach. Don’t forget that you need to be tracking your results. The only way to continue to improve your campaigns is to modify them based on the results from previous campaigns. Don’t be afraid to segment your recipients and try something new to a group of them. It is only by trying new things that we are able to identify possible new lifts in ROI.

Create Visually  Appealing Direct Mail

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How To Create The Best Direct Mail List

Posted by Summer Gould on Mon, Aug 07, 2017 @ 08:25 AM

San Diego Direct Mail List

Your mail list is one of the 3 pillars in direct mail. If you have a bad list you are wasting your money on direct mail. Many times we have customers that need help with targeting their list to create an effective campaign. Based on these requests we have come up with a direct mail list guide. Are you ready to create a better direct mail list?

List creation guide:

  1. Knowledge – What do you know about your customers? The more you know the better you can group and target them. If your current data only has your company purchase history, consider profiling your list. This can give you valuable insight into your customers and therefore who best to target as prospects.
  2. Segmentation – The best way to get the results you need from your direct mail is to group like people together for each offer you have. Segment your data and any data you purchase to maximize the offer response.
  3. Current – Make sure that you have current addresses. People are constantly moving and most of the time they will not notify you. You can run you data through the post office using their NCOA platform to update your addresses to the current ones they have. Depending on the age of your data you may get some back that are flagged as moved but no address is available. You can just drop them as they will not get to your customers.
  4. Duplicates – Most people are running a dedupe to remove duplicate records before they mail, but it still should be mentioned here. In 2017 do not send duplicates. There are a ton of different software packages that can help you or we can do it for you. One thing to consider is if you want to send your mail to more than 1 person in the home. Depending on what you are sending you may or may not want to.

If you use all 4 steps you will have very clean data. This means that you are now ready to focus on the other 2 pillars to send out a great direct mail campaign. Remember that you can purchase lists to augment your customer files. When you have purchased a well targeted list based on who your best customers are you can expect a better response rate. Sending to the right people with a good offer and a great design will give you the advantage in the mailbox. Have you used customer knowledge to highly target your direct mail pieces? How did it work for you?

Get Millennials to Respond  to Your Direct Mail

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How To Plan A Variable Data Direct Mail Campaign

Posted by Summer Gould on Mon, Jul 10, 2017 @ 07:46 AM

Direct Mail San Diego

Many times a customer comes to us and wants to do direct mail, but feels that variable data is just too complicated or has too big of a potential for error. It is really not complicated or any more prone to errors as long as you have a good plan in place and everyone knows it. So we work with them to plan out great variable data campaigns.

To make variable data really work for you it's important to invest time and effort in planning your campaign long before the first piece rolls off the press.

Start your Plan:

  1. What do I want to achieve? Is the point of your mail to sell a specific item, highlight a promotion, or build customer loyalty? Write down you goals.
  2. Who am I targeting? Think carefully about how you are going to segment your customer/prospect base. Do you want to use person-specific data such as their name and how long they've been doing business with your company, or are you going to group them by age, particular interests, or the amount they typically spend with you? Write all of these specifics down.
  3. What do customers/prospects want? A good variable data campaign is one that speaks directly to the wants, needs and concerns of each customer/prospect. Write down this info from the customer perspective.
  4. How will I measure success? To know how well your variable data is working, you'll need to track the response to your campaign. Think about whether your customers will visit a link, call you, like you on Facebook, or send you an order or some other way. As long as you write down how you plan to measure you will be able to see your results.
  5. Where will I get the data? Variable data direct mail is only as good as the data you put into it. Before starting, check your data very carefully – a small mistake can make a bad first impression. If you are unsure of certain information within your data file, do not use it.

Now that you have written out all 5 items you are ready to get started with design and images. Keep in mind that the more detailed you get the better your response rate is going to be. Once you have all of the pieces in place we recommend doing random sampling throughout the list for proofing. Have at least 3 people checking the proofs to be sure that everything matches with your plan and your data. Once they are all good you are ready to rock!

5 Reasons People  Don't Trust Your Mail

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Creating Direct Mail Letters That Sell

Posted by Summer Gould on Tue, May 30, 2017 @ 07:27 AM

San Diego Direct Mail

So now that we have discussed headlines, communication and writing it is time to look at how to create direct mail letters that sell. Many marketers feel that letters no longer work, that is just not true. You need to write a good letter, when you do they work well to generate sales. So how do you create a good letter?

As you get ready to write your letter, sit down and review all the literature you have and any direct mail pieces you have used in the past. Gather as many facts as possible because they help you sell. Then make a list of all the benefits of your product or service, any differences between you and your competitors and problems you can solve for customers. Think from the perspective of prospects and customers about your product or service, who would you be if you bought it? What will they want? Finally you must figure out what the objective is for your letter. Is it to sell, qualify, and generate interest or something else?

Now you are ready to start. There are many ways to get started, but it is a good idea on your first pass to write more copy than you will need for the letter. It will make it easier as you rewrite to pick and choose the best of the best to use in your final version. Keep in mind as you write that your letters need to be personalized. Include as much personalization as you possibly can within the body copy. The letter should look and feel as personal as possible.

Now, let’s look at what you need to include in your letter to really make it great. The most important sentence in your whole letter is the first one. This is where people decide if they will continue to read or throw it away. The next most important one is the PS line. Both need to grab attention and entice the reader to learn more. Your prospects and customers like to read stories. They can relate to them easily and they resonate with them. So, make sure your letter includes a compelling story.

Increase Your  Direct Mail Response

Your letter copy must solve a problem that your prospects or customers are having. When you do, you will get the sale. Make sure you include the most important benefits that they will get by using your product or service. The entire letter needs to revolve around them. You can also include some flattery so that they feel special. Finally, you must include an offer that is attractive to them. Be concise and direct in your offer. Do not leave anything up to interpretation; a fuzzy offer does not sell. Have you had a letter that worked really well. We would love to hear about it.

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Direct Mail Prospect List Ideas

Posted by Summer Gould on Mon, Jan 30, 2017 @ 07:00 AM

San Diego Direct Mail

One key factor in the success of your direct mail campaign is who you are sending to. Your mail list needs to be targeted to the right people for your offer. Many times marketers need to augment their customer list with a list of potential customers. In order to accurately find the right ones you need to select the right parameters. Here are 3 things you need to know about your customers before you order your potential customer list.

  1. Who: You need to learn about your customers. Analyze all the information you have in your database to find this information out. Some key things to consider are age, income, and marital status.
  2. Where: The locations of your customers are important. Analyze your list to see where people live. This can give you insight into areas where you have a large customer base and areas you need to build up.
  3. What: Purchase history is extremely important. Keep track of everything your customers are buying. This helps you build a plan for what they like to propose future products or services to them. This also helps build your customer profile when you are going to purchase a list.

Still not sure you have all the details you want? Here are a few questions to prompt you.

  • What is the amount of the average transaction for each customer?
  • When do my customers purchase?
  • Where do my customers purchase?
  • How many times a year do they purchase my product or service?
  • Are my customers typically the same age?
  • Do they have children, and, if so, what are their ages?
  • How do they spend their free time?
  • What is their estimated current home value, and how long have they lived there?

Now you have your customer profile, you need to choose selects from it to build your prospect list. The more detailed you are in your selection process the better targeted your list is going to be. Yes the upfront cost will be more, but since you are sending to more qualified people you will get a better response rate. Keep in mind that by sending less mail you save on postage too.

How To Choose  A Direct Mail List

You also have the option of running a profile on your current customers to gather more information about them than you have in your data. Profiling combines demographic, consumer behavior, and geographic data to help you identify, understand and reach prospects that are most like your customers. If you are interested in this feature call is in San Diego at 619-448-6111. We are glad to help!

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USPS 2017 Mobile Shopping Promotion

Posted by Summer Gould on Tue, Jan 03, 2017 @ 08:00 AM

San Diego Direct Mail

This promotion is a great way to allows customers to make a purchase of your product or service with a mobile devise from your direct mail and save on postage. The mobile shopping promotion encourages mailers to integrate mobile technology with direct mail to create an easy way for consumers to do their shopping.

The promotion will run from August1 to December 31, 2017. You will receive an upfront postage savings of 2%. This is for standard and nonprofit letters and flats only.

In order to qualify you must meet the following requirements:

  • Mobile Barcode or print/mobile Technology: All qualifying mail must contain a mobile barcode or other equivalent print/mobile technology that when scanned by a mobile device leads to a complete mobile optimized website. Qualifying print/mobile technologies include one of the following: open-sourced barcodes (such as a QR Code or Datamatrix code), a proprietary barcode or tag (such as SnapTags or MS Tags), an image embedded with a digital watermark, or intelligent print image recognition (including an augmented reality experience) that takes you to a mobile shopping site.
  • Restrictions on Barcode Placement: The mobile barcode or other print/mobile technology can be placed on the inside or outside of the mail piece. The barcode cannot be placed on a detached address label (DAL) or card that is not attached to or enclosed within the mail piece (e.g., unattached blow-in card). The mobile-print technology cannot be placed in the indicia zone or the barcode clear zone on the outside of the mail piece.
  • Directional Copy Requirement: The mail piece must contain text near the barcode or image providing guidance to the consumer to scan the barcode or image and information about the landing page. The text must be prominently displayed and immediately adjacent to the barcode to ensure a customer sees it. Clearly inform the recipient that the purpose of the barcode is to facilitate a purchase. If the directional copy does not meet the requirement listed above for legibility and proper placement, it will not qualify. Examples include but not limited to:
  1. “Scan here to shop our mobile website”
  2. “Scan here to shop”
  3. “To place an order Scan”
  4. “Scan here to purchase”
  5. “Social Buy Now” (must also include directional copy adjacent to the mobile barcode).
  • Website Relevance: The destination pages must contain information relevant to the content of the marketing message included in the mail piece.
  • Mobile Optimization: The destination web pages must reside on a website platform that contains or is deeply integrated with a checkout functionality that allows the customer to complete the purchase of the product referenced on the mail piece. The mail piece must lead to a complete mobile optimized experience regardless of the platform being used.
  • Purchase Path: The mobile barcode must directly lead the recipient to a mobile optimized website where an advertised product can be conveniently purchased through a mobile optimized shopping experience on a mobile device. For purposes of this promotion, the recipient must be able to complete the purchase in one of the following ways:
  1. an electronic payment method (such as a credit, debit or prepaid card) made through
  2. the internet on the mobile device
  3. a person-to-person payment method (ex. PayPal) made through the internet on the
  4. mobile device
  5. Social Buy Now electronic payment or person to person made thru social media app using the “Buy Now” button
  • Check Out Experience: There must be a guest check out option available if the consumer does not have an account. However, for companies that require accounts for customized or personalized product purchases a guest checkout is not required. Companies expressing the need to do this must demonstrate how the purchase is a customized or personalized product. The user selection shall not include any type of auto enrollment that is pre-checked. The customers must have the option/choice whether or not to enroll/sign up.
  • Purchases from Social Media Sites: Participants may also use any mobile barcode format to link the recipient to a social media platform with the “Buy Now” button capability for a specific product(s) to make a purchase. The social media platform can include Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. If you are interested in using a social media platform other than these or you are uncertain if the design or technology meets the qualifications of the promotion and would like to have it reviewed, please contact the program office at [email protected].
  • Product Requirements: For the purposes of this promotion, a product is defined as a tangible and physical item that needs to be distributed or manufactured and can be shipped via a mailing or shipping product offered by the Postal Service (delivery by the Postal Service is not required). Products that can only be fulfilled via private carrier example: local pizza delivery would not meet the requirements. In some instances the sale of services and charitable donations may qualify for the promotion discount provided a financial transaction occurs at some point during the scanning of the mail piece. Examples of Ineligible ”Products” (include but are not limited to):

  1. Pay a bill (Bill me Later, etc)
  2. Make payment online for prior purchases or recurring services
  3. Auto payment
  4. Sign up for email list, text messages or mailing list
  5. Sign up for online billing or paperless statement services
  6. Download a deal or coupon (and no hard copy certificate or voucher is mailed)
  7. Enter a contest or sweepstakes
  8. Sign up for a newsletter (electronic or hard copy)
  9. Sign up for a subscription
  10. Proxy stock vote
  11. Take a survey
  12. Confirm a reservation (like a doctor or haircut appointment)
  13. Any link to a non-mobile optimized website
  14. Download and/or receive text information such as directions/contact information
  15. Link to sign-in page for online account
  16. Link to webpage with information
  17. “Like” or “share” on social network site
  18. View a video
  19. Link to phone number or make a phone call
  20. Product for in-store pick-up
  21. Credit Card/Credit Card Application
  22. E-Gift Card
  23. Insurance Quotes

  • Registration Requirements: Participants and/or Mail Service Providers (MSPs) must register on the Business Customer Gateway (BCG) via the Incentive Program Service (gateway.usps.com). Promotion participants must complete their registration (including agreeing to the promotion terms) at least 2 hours prior to presenting the first qualifying mailing and specify which permits and CRIDs will be participating in the promotion. It is recommended that mailers register several days in advance of the first qualifying mailing. As part of the terms of participation, all participants must complete a survey about their participation in the promotion at the end of the promotion period. For issues and concerns regarding enrollment or technical issues please contact PostalOne! At 800-522-9085 or [email protected].
  • Mailing Submission Requirements: the discount must be claimed at the time of mailing and cannot be rebated at a later date. Mailings must be submitted electronically via Mail.dat® and Mail.XML™ or Postal Wizard. Mailings that are prepared and entered by an entity other than the mail owner must indicate the owner’s identity in the electronic documentation ("eDoc"). Participating mailers will be required to affirmatively claim this promotion in the Incentive Claimed section on electronic postage statement submissions certifying each mail piece meets all eligibility requirements.
  • Postage Payment Method: Postage must be paid using a Permit Imprint or Precanceled Stamp permit. Some Meter Permit mailings may qualify. Meter mailers who wish to claim the incentive must affix the appropriate reduced promotion amounts. Mailers must select the appropriate Postage Affixed Method option. Any net postage due for the mailing must be paid from an advanced deposit (permit) account.
  • Requirements at mail acceptance: The mailer must provide a hard copy, unaddressed sample of the mail piece showing the placement of the mobile barcode, image, or tag and directional copy to the acceptance clerk. If a mailing agent submits promotional mailings from multiple mailers, a hard copy sample of each mailer's mail piece must be presented. All mailings are subject to standard acceptance and verification procedures and may be inspected for use of the mobile barcodes, images or tags, etc. and directional copy.
  • Post Mailing Requirements: The Program Office will conduct a sampling of mail pieces collected at Business Mail Entry Units to verify that submissions meet program requirements. The Postal Service reserves the right to pursue a revenue deficiency for mailings that do not meet all program requirements, to unenroll the mailer from the program or restrict participation in future promotions. Additionally, all mailers who receive the discount must retain an electronic or hard copy sample of the mail piece until March 31, 2017, and if requested by the Postal Service, must forward the sample to the Promotion Program Office.

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More than ever before our customers and prospects are making purchases on mobile devices we need to make sure we provide easy ways for them to purchase from the direct mail we send out. This promotion will allow you to do that and save on postage at the same time. It is a win/win! Need all the information about the promotion? Visit https://ribbs.usps.gov/mailingpromotions/documents/tech_guides/2017MobileShopping.pdf to get all the details. Need help? Call or email us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or [email protected]. We are glad to help!

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Best USPS Direct Mail Promotion for 2017

Posted by Summer Gould on Mon, Dec 19, 2016 @ 08:00 AM

San Diego Direct Mail

The Tactile, Sensory & Interactive promotion takes advantage of some of the latest technological advances to encourage sensory engagement with a direct mail piece. This is my favorite promotion for 2017. There are so many really cool things you can do to stand out in the mail and get a postage discount! Elements can be incorporated into the mail pieces to create a multi-sensory experience with special visual effects, sound, scent, texture/tactile treatments, and even taste. You can also use, interactive mail piece features such as pop-ups, infinite folds, or other dimensional ideas to help drive customer engagement.

The promotion period is between February 1 - July 31, 2017. You will receive a discount of 2% on postage at the time of mailing. Only standard and nonprofit letters and flats are eligible for this promotion.

Specialty Inks:

The specialty inks must enhance the engagement and value of the mail piece. Unique properties of specialty inks must be visible and distinguishable on mail piece.

These inks may include but are not limited to:

  • Conductive inks: Inks are used to print a circuit and users press a “button” to close the circuit, which can activate other devices, such as lights, sound chips, or other electronic sensors and components.
  • Leuco Dyes/Thermochromics: These are heat sensitive dyes or inks change color in variation in temperature
  • Photochromic: Changes color with UV light exposure
  • Optically Variable Ink: Contains metallic materials that change appearance when viewed from different angles
  • Piezochromic: Change appearance under pressure
  • Hydrochromic: Changes appearance when exposed to water or liquids

If the specialty ink used looks like a photo and is not distinguishable, it does not qualify for the promotion. Metallic ink and clear ink (5th color) are not eligible for the 2017 promotion either.

Specialty Papers:

There are a variety of papers that can incorporate unique features that trigger sensory involvement. The specialty paper must have one or more of the features or a combination below. The use of these features must be connected to the marketing message of the mail piece and must be either bound or sewn into the mail piece to qualify.

  • Scent: Paper infused with scent, microencapsulated scents (opening mechanisms are excluded)
  • Sound: Paper that incorporates sound chip/speakers
  • Taste: Paper that incorporates edible components.
  • Visual: Paper that incorporates special effects (ex: filters, holographic, lenticular)
  • Textural: Paper that can be sensed by touch alone. Paper surfaces may be coated, or made of unique materials or incorporate techniques such as embossing or other surface treatments

The specialty paper used must be visible and distinguishable by the physical characteristics of the paper and/or the techniques used to qualify for the promotion. Laminated postcards and full coverage Gloss treatments and Spot treatments are not eligible for the 2017 TSI Promotion. Scratch-off, borders, reveals, die-cuts, stickers and detachables, pull tabs, zip-strip, opening mechanisms and samples enclosed within the envelope that have a treatment applied to them do not qualify for the promotion.

Interactive mail pieces:

The interactive mail pieces must include an experience that engages the customer and adds dynamic effects in the use of folds and other dimensional improvements. Simple folds such as half folds, tri-folds, gate folds, iron cross or accordion folds do not qualify. The mail piece must include elements that the user can physically manipulate (i.e., twist, spin, dial, pull, bend, etc.). The mail pieces may include but are not limited to:

  • 3-Dimensional
  • Pop-ups
  • Infinite folding

Scratch-off, borders, reveals, die-cuts, stickers and detachables, pull tabs and zip-strip opening mechanisms nor samples enclosed within the envelope that have a treatment applied to them do not qualify for the promotion.


  1. All mail pieces must be submitted to the TSI Promotion Office for review and approval no later than one week prior to the first mailing. Each mail piece is reviewed individually. The Promotions Office responds to all inquiries within 4 business days.
  2. The treatments can be categorized into specialty inks, specialty papers and other interactive features. Participants are encouraged to apply these techniques to both the envelope and the mail piece in order to maximize results. The mail piece can incorporate one or more of the treatments (or any combination) on the outside of the envelope, on the actual mail piece or both.
  3. All treatments must be visible and distinguishable
  4. PDF’s are not acceptable for review, must be hard copy mail piece.
  5. Samples enclosed within the envelope and envelope opening mechanisms are not eligible for the promotion. Samples include, but are not limited to; coins, fabric, greeting cards, dream catchers etc.
  6. Only the envelope and/or the actual mail piece that have approved TSI treatments applied are eligible for the promotion.
  7. Envelopes must meet automation compatibility requirements.

If there are other techniques to be considered outside of the categories listed above, please contact the Promotion Office at [email protected]. Want all the details go to: https://ribbs.usps.gov/mailingpromotions/documents/tech_guides/2017TactileSensoryInteractivePromotion.pdf

Top 10 Direct Mail  Components

Are you ready to get creative and save on postage? We can help; call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email [email protected]. We are glad to help!

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Try Dimensional Direct Mail

Posted by Summer Gould on Mon, Sep 12, 2016 @ 08:02 AM

San Diego Direct Mail

Not sure what dimensional mail is? It is mail that is not flat like you normally send, but has dimension to it such as boxes or tubes. They have a much higher response rate than traditional mail pieces. One drawback is that the upfront cost is expensive. The good part though, is that each one may cost more to produce, but you will get more responses with this type of mail so your ROI will be much better.

So why should you try dimensional mail? Here are the top 3 reasons:

  1. Appeal - This unique mail piece resonates with recipients. Not only will they open it but in most cases they share it with friends and family. It is also remembered much longer than other types of mail.
  2. Response - Dimensional mail has a higher response rate than regular mail. According to the 2010 Direct Marketing Association report, the average response is around 8.5 percent.
  3. Longevity - In many cases the dimensional mail is useful to recipients and is kept to be used over and over. Thus keeping your company top of mind each time they use it.

Since this can be costly, take the time to consider all of your options. This is not to say go cheap on paper and packaging. There are 3 main ways to save on costs besides paper and packaging. They are the number of people on your list, the size of you piece and the way you send them out. A smaller targeted list with a smaller size package sent the cheapest postage will give you the most bang for your buck.

How to Avoid  Self_Mailer Design Issues!

Keep the piece functional but have fun with it. When you do, people keep it as well as show it to other people they know. As with any new direct mail campaign, take the time to really plan it out. Make sure to take into consideration the way that the post office handles the mail so that the items do not arrive damaged. The strength of the carton and the way the contents are packed matter a great deal in how the materials arrive to your prospects and customers. Are you ready to try dimensional mail?

Call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email [email protected]. We are glad to help!

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How To Make Direct Mail Have More Impact

Posted by Summer Gould on Mon, May 16, 2016 @ 08:00 AM

San Diego Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing is a great way to sell your product or service, it has the best ROI. You can make your direct mail even better by transforming it into a powerful campaign. To do that your direct mail needs to coordinate with your other marketing channels. This improves the recipients experience and your response rate. So how can you do this?

Create Impact With:

  • QR Codes – Create personalized QR codes to send people to videos, registration pages, purchasing pages or information. Incorporating mobile technology is a good idea and another way to track who is interested.
  • PURLS – Create personalized URLs to send recipients to landing pages to make purchases as well as get more information. Drive them online for longer engagement.
  • Triggered Emails – Use direct mail in-home delivery dates to trigger follow-up emails that take customers to personalized landing pages. Staying at the top of people’s minds increases the likelihood of their response.
  • Maps – Create maps to your location or event using technology that makes it possible to print a unique map on each piece of mail. You can tie a QR code in here to by having it open the map app in the recipient’s phone.

The combination of direct mail with online content is almost expected by recipients now. The technology makes it easy to add each component without too much additional cost. This makes each one well worth it as your responses increase when you use them. You can know exactly who is responding and when. You can then anticipate and plan for incoming inquires as well as funds when they purchase.

How to Avoid  Booklet Design Issues!

Coordination and implementation of these combined components is not difficult. We can help you do it all. Call us in San Diego at (619) 448-6111 or email [email protected]. We are glad to help!

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