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Unique Direct Mail Marketing That Gets Results – Pop Ups


San Diego Direct Mail

Since direct mail has been around for a long time, most people know what to expect when they check their mail box. There will be some postcards, envelopes and self-mailers along with magazines. As they sort through the mail and see what interests them, you want to be one of the let’s look at this pile. You can reach that pile as long as you provide them with an intriguing call to action. What you really want is once you are in this pile is to get beyond the casual look and toss, you need to stand out and be remembered as well as shared with others. So, how do you do that?

Stand out with Pop Up Mailers:

  • According to a Direct Marketing Association Response Rate Report, dimensional mail averaged the highest response rate of any direct response medium, the average response rate was 2.3 percent and the highest response rates were 8.3 percent.
  • Dimensional mail such as pop up mailers, keep recipients interest longer so your marketing message sinks in and leaves a positive and long lasting impression.
  • The interactive nature of pop up mailers provides a unique experience for recipients. There is a real cool factor that drives them to share the mailer with others and therefore spread your message farther.
  • Imagine how creative you can get with a pop up. There are a ton of options or you can create your own to fit your needs.

When the recipient opens the mailer and out pops a box, or other fun shape the full sensory experience is ignited, curiosity is sparked and you are well on your way to getting that person to respond to you. This is a great type of mailer to have fun with. Why not make the pop out something useful so that they keep it around for a long time. This can also be a great way to spark conversation on social media. Ask recipients to share their stories, post photos and tell you what they think on your social media accounts. Make sure to include the links for them to use.

If you need help with pop up mailers or have questions please call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help!

5 Tips To Get Your Email Marketing Into The Inbox


San Diego Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great follow up and client retention marketing channel. With CANSPAM in the US and the new Canadian laws, sending email to people who you don’t know can really cost you money. Most marketers are savvy enough with their email marketing these days to stay away from that pitfall, but are you keeping up with inbox filters? Are your messages getting through in order to be read? This can be a real problem. We have put together a check list to make it easier for you to create email that gets through the filters and gets read.

Get into the Inbox:

  1. Create a good email list: This means removing people that have not opened your emails, gathering new names from opt-in sign-ups only. It’s better to have a smaller list of good people who want and respond to your messages than a bunch of people that may mark you as spam.
  2. Add to contact list: Ask your subscribers to add you to their address book or contact list. This gives you a white list status with them and assures you that your email will arrive in their inbox.
  3. Create an easy unsubscribe: A large prominent unsubscribe button will help keep your list current and keep people from just pushing the spam button to get rid of your email. The more spam complaints you get, the worse your ranking gets and that means your emails will not get delivered.
  4. Keep your subject line short: Be concise, compelling and brief in your subject line, use at least 6 words. A long subject line will be seen as spam.
  5. Create wanted emails: Do not send too many emails and make sure that the content is relevant to the recipient. You can segment your list to make sure that you send the right offers to the right people. This will keep recipients engaged with your emails and not marking them as spam.

End up in Junk:

  1. Purchasing email lists: this is the fastest way to get blacklisted and have all your email seen as spam. Don’t do it!
  2. Using special characters or all caps in the subject line: This is commonly seen as spam when the subject line contains special  characters like *^ or so on. The shouty capitals are routinely seen as spam. Regular text easily able to convey your message, no need to shout.
  3. Using red fonts: Do not use the color red. This is another way to be seen as spam. Pick other colors such as orange to draw attention without being seen as spam.
  4. Spam wording: Keep spam words out of your subject line as well as your body copy. Free is not a good word to use. Spend some time to create a well written email and then test it with a free analyzer on the web to make sure you are not going to be flagged as spam.
  5. Too many images: Keep your image use to a minimum and do not use one big image for your whole email. These can be classified as spam. Combing copy and images will give you a better result.

Too many times we are too busy to take the time to write a really good email. We think that as long as we get it out there quickly we will get the responses we want. In reality, we are doing damage to our email reputation. Taking the extra time to write and design a compelling email will not only provide you with better responses, but will keep you in the inbox instead of the junk folder.

If you have any questions call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help!

Direct Mail: Why Can't I Mail It? - Flats via Target Marketing


San Diego Direct Mail

As you know from part one (postcards), two (self-mailers) and three (booklets) of "Why Can't I Mail It?," there are many times a design element causes a mailing to go at a higher rate of postage. This can be frustrating as well as expensive. In order to help you stay away from potential issues, here are some things to keep in mind as you are preparing a direct mail campaign.
Finally, let's look at flats by clicking the link below:

Direct Mail Flats





Would you like to learn some tricks to save money on postage?

Learn 20 Ways To Reduce Postage Costs



There can be many confusing requirements for direct mail. Don't let all of the post office requirements hold you back from using direct mail. If you have any questions call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111. We are glad to help!

Mobile Marketing: It’s Beyond Text Messaging


San Diego Mobile Marketing

Are you using Mobile Marketing? Even if you think you are not, you are. Mobile marketing is not just text messaging. It’s creating a mobile presence for your brand. Think of all the ways your marketing compels people to respond and then consider how it looks when they use a mobile device. Your customers and prospects are visiting your website from tablets and mobile phones. Is your website using responsive design? Responsive design allows your website to adjust to the device that is viewing it, so no matter what size the screen your website looks good. If your website is not set up correctly, prospects/customers will move on to the next site that is.

Where to add mobile:

  1. Website: This is your number one priority. Get your website using responsive design as soon as possible. You want to project your best to everyone who visits you. This is not a big investment and well worth the effort.
  2. Landing pages: Every landing page you create needs to have mobile in mind. Responsive design is required with landing pages so that people can easily respond on the device they are using.
  3. Email: Most people check their email from a mobile device. Make sure when you are designing it that your messaging looks good for mobile.
  4. Direct Mail: Use augmented reality(AR), near field communication(NFC), QR codes, or PURL’s to add mobile to your physical piece and drive online engagement.

Mobile is so much more than text messaging. It is the gateway to your online brand. Enhance your prospect/customer engagement by providing them an easy way to respond to you, look for information and share with others. The return on your investment will be worth it. Mobile users are growing every day, so you are losing key prospects/customers each day that your site does not make it easy for them to interact on mobile devices.

Learn how Mobile Marketingcan make your Direct Mail better!

If you need any help with mobile design let us know. Questions? Comments? Call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email We are gald to help!

Social Media Marketing, Done Right


San Diego Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing these days is all over the map. I am sure you have seen many things on social media that you wish you had not seen or laughed at because it was done so badly. So how can you make sure that your social media posts do not fall into the two categories above? In the past marketing channels have all been push channels, you send out your marketing message and that is all. Now with social media marketing you are having conversations with people and creating two way communications. This is not a push channel.

  1. First, social media needs to be viewed as a way of getting attention by providing relevant information. This can be done with blog posts, white papers, videos or other forms of information that people can access through you. You become a resource for people and an expert in your field. You want your content to be viewed and shared with others. As time goes by you will build a bigger and bigger following. This will ultimately lead to more business, but it is not a quick process.
  2. Second, social media is a great place to get your customers to give testimonials about how great you are and why others should use you too. Give examples of past success and even current projects you are working on that are interesting. Give people something to talk with you about.

Social media will benefit your company because that is where your prospects and customers are. People trust brands and other people who communicate with them and show a history of good work. By taking part in social media you are able to direct the conversations about you, supply topics and monitor problems in real time. Whether you use social media or not, people are talking about you. Knowing what they are saying is valuable information.

Learn 5 Tips for betterSocial Media Marketing!

The most important thing to remember in social media marketing is to not sell sell sell. You are there to provide information and helpful tips, answer questions and communicate with people. Conversations and customer feedback are the most valuable aspects of social media. You can get real time feedback about a new product or service with social media. Find out what is great and what is not working so well. Then you can show everyone how you will make it better. People love to see that their feedback is being listened to and acted on. There are many instances in which a company makes a product or device change and gives credit to the customer who suggested it. This builds loyalty, trust and ultimately your business.

If you have any questions or comments call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help!

Why Can't I Mail It? - Booklets Via Target Marketing


San Diego Direct Mail Marketing

As you know from Part One of "Why Can't I Mail It?" with postcards and Part Two with self-mailers,there are many times that a design element causes a mailing to go at a higher rate of postage. This can be frustrating as well as expensive. In order to help you stay away from potential issues, here are some things to keep in mind as you are preparing a direct mail campaign.

Now let's look at Booklets. Click the button below to read the article.

San Diego Direct Mail Booklets





Direct mail booklets can be a challenge. If you need help with design or have any questions call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help!

How to Choose a Direct Mail List


San Diego Direct Mail List

In direct mail the most important thing is the list. Making sure you are sending your message to the right people is key to getting a good response. With that being the case, how can you find a mail list that will work best for you? To target your list you need to know who your customers are, what your message is going to be, and who best fits with your message and your customers. This can be a challenge, the more you know, the better your targeted list is going to be. Here are some list options.

Types of mail lists:

  1. Client/Prospect list: This list is your most valuable list. Make sure to include them in your mailings. When targeting you may need to leave some people out, but always include the ones that qualify for the targeted group.
  2. Purchase list for Businesses: You can select businesses by industry, decision makers, employee size, sales volume, and other attributes.
  3. Purchase list for Consumers: You can select consumers based on demographic, lifestyle, psychographic, and transactional information.
  4. Purchase list of Specialties: Go beyond traditional business and consumer lists, with highly-focused niches such as ailments, life event triggers, new homeowners, state licensed professionals, and many more.
  5. Data Enhancement: When you are not sure of who your customers really are, but you want to find more people like them, there is a process of overlaying your client/prospect list with demographic, consumer behavior, and geographic data. Which you can then take and find lists of people who are just like them.

There are also resident lists but they do not provide much in the way of targeting other than location. These can work well for businesses that are reaching out to consumers in their local area only. However, the more targeted you can get your mail list the better it will perform. There are a lot of choices in lists and how specific you want to get. Generally the more specific you get the more it costs to purchase the list. Each segment is an added cost, but when you choose them carefully, they can more than pay for themselves.

Need more list tips? Check out: Mail List Preparation

If you need help with finding the right people to mail to, call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help!


4 Tips for Integrated Email Marketing


San Diego Email Marketing

One of the hardest parts of email marketing is getting your email to stand out in the inbox. What if there was a way to not just get it noticed, but have people looking out for it? That is where integrated email marketing comes in. Creating a campaign with email as the second touch point lifts the open rate of your emails. The great thing about using multiple touch points is that it allows you to convey more information and reinforce what you stated in the first touch point. Let’s look at the best ways to create good integrated campaigns.

  1. Choose your touch points: Start with laying out your plan. Who are you going to send to, what are the best ways to reach them and how will you structure the campaign? In many cases the first touch point is direct mail. This is a great way to start off since you can track mail delivery and then send a triggered email once the direct mail has been rcvd.
  2. Call to action: This is a very important step. You need to make sure that you have a clear call to action not just in your email but in all the touch points. If you send out a campaign that does not have a clear call to action, people will not respond. You must tell people what you want them to do and why they should do it. What’s in it for them by responding to your call to action?
  3. Delivery: Make sure when you are setting up your delivery schedule for each touch point that you consider the time between them. If they arrive too close together they may be seen at the same time and then you lose the benefit of multiple touches. The same goes for too far apart, they can be forgotten between touches. Try to allow a 3 to 5 day lead time between touches in most cases.
  4. Message: For the best results it is important to carry the same message throughout your touch points. Do not jump from point to point or you lose the impact of the multiple touch points. Your messaging needs to be clear, concise and consistent. This does not mean that you use the same words over and over which would be boring and a turn off, what it means is that the message stays the same while you change the wording, method and tone. Don’t be afraid to spice it up between touches and it is fun to add in humor as well.

Remember that you will need to be tracking the responses on not just your email but all your touch points so that you can see what is working and where you need improvement. This is an ongoing process that will lead you to better marketing. Once you have a baseline on each touch point you can create test groups to try out different wording or tone add humor to one and not another, in general just try out new things and see what works for you. Email marketing when done correctly and in conjunction with other touch points can really provide a great response.

Learn 15 Tips for betterEmail Marketing!

If you have any questions call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help!

Create Powerful Direct Mail Marketing from Target Marketing Magazine


San Diego Direct Mail

Increasing your ROI is the goal for all direct mail marketing. So, how can you create powerful direct mail to drive that improved ROI? You won't believe it is this simple, but just add scent.

Check out the blog post on Target Marketing Magazine's Direct Mail for the Modern Marketer.

Direct Mail Marketing




Direct mail is a great way to reach your prospects and customers and get them to respond. The biggest cost in direct mail is postage. So how can you keep your postage costs down?

Learn 20 Ways To Reduce Postage Costs

If you have any questions call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help! 

3 Quick Ways to Get Started With Mobile Marketing


San Diego Mobile Marketing

By now you know you need to include mobile into your marketing mix. The beauty of mobile is that it allows people to reach you at anytime and anywhere so you can capture that “spur of the moment buy” or address another need they have immediately. But how can you do that easily? Getting your feet wet a little at a time is not only a cheaper way to start in mobile, but also a good way to see how often your audience engages with you on their mobile device and what they are looking at. If you don’t have a way for people to purchase from you easily on a mobile landing page you are missing out on business. Here are a few tips on how to get started quickly with mobile.

  1. Website: The number one place to start with mobile is your website. The best practice is to have your website be setup with a responsive design. What that means is that no matter what device accesses the website it looks good, from a PC to a mobile phone, the layout responds and arranges itself correctly.
  2. Landing pages: The next step is to create landing pages that are responsive so that when your campaign is ready from direct mail to social media you have landing pages that are ready to go. The landing pages are the key response area since normally all channels drive responses online.
  3. Integrate: Add mobile to your current channels, such as QR codes or augmented reality, to your direct mail or print items. You can then add landing pages that are now mobile ready to your social media and content marketing. Any channel you are currently using can have a mobile component added to it.

By starting off with these 3 ways, you give yourself a way to get your feet wet with mobile marketing without the need of SMS or MMS. For some companies they would not make sense to use anyway and for others it is cost prohibitive at first. So start small, get your website and landing pages mobile ready, then integrate into your other channels. This will give you a chance to gauge how many mobile hits you are getting and in what areas. If you have a lot, then it may be time to consider utilizing more mobile options or increasing the number of mobile responses you offer.

Learn the LatestMobile Marketing Tactics!

If you need help with responsive design for either website or landing pages give us a call. We can help you get the look and feel you need and the mobile presence required of today’s companies. Call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email . We are glad to help!

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